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Multiplier for VG Elemental PQ3


The 14214 is a dual-stage electron multiplier for use in early model Thermo Electron ICP-MS instruments. The 14214 multiplier incorporates "ACTIVE FILM" materials in a discrete-dynode multiplier design to achieve exceptionally sensitive ion detection with long operating life and excellent air stability.

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Replacement multiplier for instrument VG Elemental PQ3
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/3
Number of dynodes (excluding HED) 11/14
Total internal resistance, (analogue/pulse) (MΩ) 43 (18.4/24.6)
Typical Gain at -1.8/+1.0 kV (analogue/pulse) 8 x 103 / 2 x 107
Attenuation Factor >4000
  • Multiplier for VG Elemental PQ3