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Multiplier for GBC OPTIMASS


TOF Detectors (Flat/orthogonal ion impact surfaces, narrow pulse width, large dynamic range). Bakeable to 350°C. High current option. This increases the sustained output current limit for linear operation to 30 micro amps and decreases the internal resistance to 10% of the standard value.

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Replacement multiplier for instrument GBC OPTIMASS ICPMS
Sensitive Area (mm) 8 x 32
Mechanical Envelope Dimensions 30 x 40 x 110
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/8
Internal resistance (MΩ) 3.5
Number of Dynodes 19
Typical Gain at 2.0 kV (when new) 3 x 107
  • Multiplier for GBC OPTIMASS