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Multiplier for Agilent 7500 (ICPMS)


The purpose of the dual-mode multiplier is to deliver both analog and pulse-counting signals simultaneously to the detection electronics. A "Gate" electrode is included in the 14222 so that the pulse counting section of the multiplier can be "gated off" to protect it from larger signal peaks.

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Replacement multiplier for instrument Agilent 7500 (ICPMS)
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/3
Number of dynodes (excluding HED) 11/14
Total internal resistance MΩ), [analogue/pulse] 21.5 (12.3/9.2)
Typical Gain at -1.8/+1.0 kV (analogue/pulse) 2 x 103/3 x 106
Attenuation Factor >4000
  • Multiplier for Agilent 7500 (ICPMS)