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Multiplier for Shimadzu QP5000


14533 is specifically designed for application in Shimadzu QP5000 mass spectrometers. The 14533 is a direct "plug-in" replacement electron multiplier for the QP5000 mass spectrometer and is fully compatible with the Shimadzu hardware and software. There are three electrical connections to be made to properly install the AF533. Electrical connections are made via the three pins extending from the base of the multiplier. The positions of the three connection pins, 1) high voltage, 2) shield and 3) signal output, are shown in the diagram opposite. (Ground is connected via the mounting bracket).

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Replacement multiplier for instrument Shimadzu QP5000 (GCMS)
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/3
Number of dynodes (excluding HED) 12
Internal resistance (MΩ) 16.6
Typical Gain at 2.0 kV (when new) 1 x 107
Typical Voltage for 1 x 105 Gain (when new) 1.25 kV
Maximum Temperature Under Vacuum 350°C
  • Multiplier for  Shimadzu QP5000