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Multiplier for HP 5973 (Detector ONLY)


The Model 14617 detector has been specifically developed to retrofit the Agilent Technologies 5973 MSD. The detector incorporates a modular design to facilitate ease of replacement and additional innovations intended to enhance performance. First time installation requires the 14617 assembly which includes the mechanical housing and multiplier module. Subsequent replacements require only the 14616 multiplier module. Note: Initial installation of the ACTIVE FILM Multipliers for the HP 5973 MSD requires part number 14617, which includes the electron multiplier and the mount. The mount houses the HED (high energy dynode) which increases the energy of the ions and reduces multiplier contamination. After initial installation, only the replacement electron multiplier, Part No. 14616, is required.

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Replacement multiplier for instrument HP 5973 GC-MS
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/3
Number of dynodes (excluding HED) 15
Internal resistance (MΩ) 23.58
Typical Gain at 2.0 kV (when new) 4 x 106
Typical Voltage for 1 x 105 Gain (when new) 1.4 kV
Maximum Recommend Applied Voltage
Maximum Temperature Under Vacuum 350°C
  • Multiplier for  HP 5973 (Detector ONLY)