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Multiplier for Kratos Kompack


TOFMS detectors offer the high dynamic range, pulse linearity and rapid recovery synonymous with ETP’s high performance discrete dynode detectors. Innovations incorporated into these specialized detectors include thick-film capacitors to enhance linear response for large pulses, large active area (up to 20mm x 25mm) and 5000 volt conversion dynode operation for enhanced high-mass sensitivity. Precision mounting arrangements are included with most models.

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Description Kratos Kompack MALDI-TOF Multiplier
Sensitive Area (mm) 8 x 10
Mechanical Envelope Dimensions 21 x 25 x 110
Maximum Dark Current (pA) / Counts (cts/min) at 2.5 kV 1/3
Internal resistance (MΩ) 33.6
Number of Dynodes 20
Typical Gain at 2.0 kV (when new) 1 x 107
  • Multiplier for  Kratos Kompack