High Resolution TOF-MS Applications

MagneTOF® Plus

  • Customizable or available as our generic 14DM572 MagneTOF® Plus
  • Market leading performance for high-end TOF applications
  • Superior alternative to MCP technology
  • Extremely fast <500 ps pulse width
  • Incorporating ETP's patented MagneTOF® BxE technology
  • Next generation long life eXtion® versions now available
  • Fully RoHS complaint (no-exemptions) available late 2020


Option Application

Entrance grid internally connected to -HV

Typically used for floating applications in conjunction with the ETP AC Coupler 

Entrance grid internally connected to +HV

Typically used for earth referenced  applications

Entrance grid attached to a flying lead

For experimental applications (applied voltage limited to +3.4 and -1.1 kV of the –HV)

ETP AC-coupler

Provides +/- 15 kV signal isolation



 MALDI and Benchtop TOF-MS Applications

MagneTOF® Mini

Fast-TOF Plus

  • Available as our generic 148006 Fast-TOF Plus
  • ETP's next generation Fast-TOF detector incorporating long life eXtion® technology
    • Superior life
    • 150 V lower starting voltage
    • Optimized dynode mix
  • Fast <2.5 ns single ion pulse width
  • 500 mV pulse linearity
  • Improved sensitivity via increased front-end ion conversion efficiencies
  • Better robustness through advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Improved RoHS compliance 
  • Directly retrofittable with existing Fast-TOF detectors 
  • Can be floated up to +/- 15 kV via the ETP AC Coupler


Field Portable TOF-MS Applications

MagneX® Micro